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      Coco Mango Shampoo Classic Formula
Give your hair a healing touch after a day of fun on Hawaii's Garden Isle. Our luxurious lather is rich in vitamins A, D, E and panthenol to heal hair damaged by sun and salt. Available in 8 oz and 32 oz sizes.
$24.00  (8 oz - More Options)
      Coco Mango Conditioner Classic Formula
Our luxurious ANARA Spa conditioner is a special blend of botanical extracts and panthenol formulated to strengthen and moisturize your tresses from within. Vitamin E soothes and protects from sun and salt. Available in 8 oz and 34 oz sizes.
$24.00  (8 oz - More Options)
      Coco Mango Bath & Shower Gel
Excitingly tropical fruit fragrances are released when you use our ANARA Spa foaming shower and bath gel to gently cleanse following a day of activities on Hawaii's Garden Isle. Rich in soothing aloe, botanical extracts and panthenol.
$24.00  (8 oz - More Options)
      Coco Mango Body Lotion
We've returned to our roots with the original CocoMango formula that everyone fell in love with! The delightful scent will bring back your best memories of Kauai. Vitamin E, chamomile, and calendula will soften and soothe with the light, fresh scent of coconut and mango delivering a state of tropical bliss.
$24.00  (8 oz - More Options)
Inspired by the iconic Anara Spa at Grand Hyatt Kauai, comes a scented candle in our signature Coconut Mango scent. Find your sense of lokahi (harmony) at home with your sensorial journey to our island oasis.
$59.00  (4x 4x 4)
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